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Indulging Smart: The Dessert Dilemma Unveiled by Game Changing Performance in Mundelein, IL

November 13, 20233 min read

Why You Should Have Dessert Every Day

For those of us with an unwavering sweet tooth, the battle against dessert cravings can feel like an endless struggle. Conventional wisdom often dictates keeping sweets out of the house, but at Game Changing Performance in Mundelein, IL, we challenge that notion. Join us as we delve into the philosophy of indulging in dessert every day, the smart way.

Dispelling Myths: Dessert and Weight Gain

The prevailing belief is that dessert is the culprit behind weight gain, making it a forbidden pleasure. We've all heard it: "No dessert before bed; it leads to fat gain." However, Abel James, the mind behind the Wild Diet, introduced a perspective that reshapes our understanding of dessert consumption. At Game Changing Performance, we advocate for having dessert daily—provided it aligns with a smarter approach to nutrition.

The Smart Dessert Philosophy: Why It Works

Embracing dessert daily may seem counterintuitive, but it can be a game-changer for two key reasons:

  1. Reduced Cravings: By allowing yourself dessert regularly, you diminish the intense craving that often results from restriction. Avoiding the "all or nothing" mindset prevents dessert from surfacing in less healthy forms elsewhere in your diet.

  2. Nutrient Value: Dessert doesn't have to be synonymous with sugar overload. Crafting desserts with wholesome ingredients ensures they carry as much nutritional value as a regular meal. By incorporating healthy fats and sugars while reducing carbs, you transform dessert into a nutrient-rich treat.

The SMART SWEETS Approach: Rules for Success

While we encourage having sweets in the house, we emphasize making intelligent choices. The SMART SWEETS approach ensures success in conquering cravings and cultivating self-control:

  1. Rule 1: Moderate Bites and Hydration: Start with a few bites, drink water, and assess if the craving subsides. If it does, save the treat for another time, focusing on calorie control and building restraint.

  2. Rule 2: Manage Trigger Foods: If a particular treat becomes a challenge to control, eliminate it from your home. Even low-calorie options require moderation and self-control.

  3. Rule 3: One Treat Per Day: Restrict dessert consumption to once a day. Avoid having something sweet with every meal to maintain a balance.

SMART SWEETS to Keep in the House:

  1. Sugar-Free Jello: A refreshing treat with zero carbs, sugar, and low protein. Plan ahead as it takes time to set.

  2. Fat-Free Whipped Cream: Ideal for topping desserts, providing a satisfying, low-calorie sweetness.

  3. Sugar-Free Popsicles: Opt for varieties with less than 5g of carbs per Popsicle for a guilt-free frozen treat.

  4. PB2 (Powdered Peanut Butter): A low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to regular peanut butter, perfect for flavoring various dishes.

  5. Halo Top Ice Cream: Exercise portion control with this low-calorie ice cream, a delightful treat with mindful indulgence.

  6. Smart Pop (Individual Bags): A low-carb option for a salty snack, best enjoyed in moderation.

  7. Zevia (Stevia-Sweetened Soda Substitute): Satisfy soda cravings with a stevia-based alternative, available in various flavors.

  8. Nuts: A cautionary option due to their addictive nature; consume them mindfully for a satisfying snack.

  9. BCAA Drink: Sugar-free or low-sugar options like Scivation Xtends or Giant Sports Performance BCAA's offer a flavorful yet controlled indulgence.

Creative Dessert Ideas:

Experiment with dessert alternatives or recreate recipes to keep things interesting. Whether it's a low-carb tortilla with natural peanut butter or a Greek yogurt parfait with BCAAs or fruit, the goal is to stay relatively low in carbs and fats while prioritizing higher protein levels.

At Game Changing Performance, we believe that embracing dessert every day can be part of a balanced and mindful approach to nutrition. The SMART SWEETS strategy empowers you to conquer cravings, exercise self-control, and savor the sweetness of life without derailing your fitness goals. Remember, dessert can be a smart indulgence when approached with intention and moderation. Join us on the journey to redefine your relationship with desserts, making each sweet treat a step toward a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

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