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The Accelerated Fat Loss sessions are group fitness classes in Mundelein designed to make you achieve incredible fat loss results while still feeling like an individual in the session. Each exercise is broken into Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 exercises, so any level of fitness can join this group workout class in Mundelein.


The Accelerated Fat Loss program works because it’s not reserved for the elite athletes among us. Our doors are open to people all across the community who just want to stay active, have fun with fitness and get game changing results. From day one, you’ll enjoy unwavering support and motivation
as you take on a fitness journey that keeps you challenged with new workouts every week.


Game Changing Performances program is designed to help maximize fat loss in workouts
Game Changing Programs are designed to fit all levels from beginners to advanced
Fun workouts and exercise classes in Mundelein IL



Looking for a weight loss strength training facility in Mundelein, IL that offers game-changing performance? Look no further! At Game Changing Performance, we cater to both newbies and fitness fanatics, ensuring that everyone can fit into our program seamlessly. Our carefully designed exercise program features 1-3 levels, and sometimes even more, accommodating individuals of various fitness levels and abilities.

Level 1

In Level 1, we prioritize the individual needs of our clients, taking into account any major injuries that could potentially affect their ability to perform specific exercises. For instance, if you have a bum knee and cannot squat, fear not! We have alternative options such as the TRX Squat, which eliminates painful knee angles, or we can suggest exercises like biking that completely eliminate the need for squatting.

Level 2

Progressing to Level 2, we introduce bodyweight exercises with a box, focusing on teaching depth and proper technique. This stage allows clients to develop foundational strength and improve their form.

Level 3

At Level 3, we incorporate weights into the exercises. For example, you may hold a weight in front of your body in a goblet hold and lower yourself at a controlled pace, typically around 3 seconds per rep. This controlled tempo helps maximize muscle engagement and intensify the workout.

We also have the flexibility to increase weights or adjust tempos as needed, ensuring that each exercise can be customized to challenge and accommodate individual abilities. Our goal is to create a workout program that caters to every body type and style, ensuring an inclusive and tailored experience for each person.

If you're overcoming a major injury or feel apprehensive about joining a group training program, don't worry! We offer private training options to help you build confidence and prepare for our group sessions. Our experienced trainers will guide you through personalized workouts, providing the support you need to reach your fitness goals.

Fitness program for beginners all the way through advance exercisers
Personally led workouts by trainers at all times


Wondering how to determine the right level for your fitness journey at Game Changing Performance? Rest assured, our dedicated coaches are here to guide you every step of the way. In every session, you'll find a coach who will serve as your trusted leader. They possess extensive expertise and will demonstrate all levels of movements incorporated in the class.

At Game Changing Performance, we understand the importance of personalized recommendations. Our coaches will assess your abilities and provide guidance on which level suits you best. They will also offer valuable insights on suitable weights for your lifting exercises. Additionally, you can access our weight lifting tracker to review your recent progress and make informed decisions.

Our coaches are your support system, ready to uplift and motivate you. They will be there to assist you in learning proper technique, ensuring you're positioned for success during each session. Whether you're struggling or seeking guidance, our dedicated coaches are committed to your progress and will provide the necessary encouragement and support.

Join Game Changing Performance in Mundelein, IL, and experience the transformative power of our weight loss strength training facility. With our dedicated coaches by your side, you'll receive the guidance and motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Personally led workouts by trainers at all times


Looking for a weight loss strength training facility in Mundelein, IL that prioritizes accelerated fat loss? At Game Changing Performance, our primary focus is helping individuals shed body fat and move towards leanness. Whether you're carrying extra pounds or already relatively lean, our programs are designed to facilitate efficient fat burning. We achieve this by combining the power of strength training, low impact movements, and HIIT conditioning, each serving a specific purpose in accelerating fat loss.

Strength Training

Our programs emphasize the importance of building lean mass in the body. Contrary to common misconceptions, this does not mean bulking up. By increasing lean muscle, you actually enhance your ability to burn fat and achieve a more defined physique. For every pound of muscle gained, your body burns an additional 50 calories per day. Over time, this calorie burn adds up significantly, aiding in your fat loss journey.

Low Impact Movements

We incorporate low impact movements to promote quicker recovery and minimize inflammation in the body. Inflammation can hinder fat loss progress, so by reducing the impact of movements, we help keep cortisol levels down and facilitate faster post-workout recovery. This approach allows you to reduce overall inflammation duration, supporting your body's ability to burn fat effectively.

HIIT Conditioning

Our HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) conditioning sessions play a crucial role in optimizing calorie burn and minimizing inflammation. By elevating the heart rate to approximately 80% for 3-6 minutes, we achieve the highest rate of return in terms of extra calorie burn. Unlike traditional running or aerobic activities that impose significant joint stress and inflammation, our carefully designed short bursts of heart rate elevation help keep inflammation levels low while maximizing calorie expenditure.

Join Game Changing Performance in Mundelein, IL, and experience the power of our weight loss strength training facility. Our strategic combination of strength training, low impact movements, and HIIT conditioning will propel your fat loss journey to new heights. Say goodbye to excess body fat and hello to a more defined, healthier you.

Low impact workouts that help build strength and focus on HIIT training


At Game Changing Performance in Mundelein, IL, we prioritize effective workouts that optimize your weight loss journey. Our sessions are carefully structured to deliver exceptional results while ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

Our sessions begin with a comprehensive warm-up routine that everyone completes together. You can leave the counting to us as we follow a timer, allowing you to focus on the workout without any distractions.

The core of our session is a 20-minute strength circuit that combines various exercises to target both strength and core development. We incorporate a mix of strength-focused exercises, core exercises, and cardio exercises to keep your heart rate elevated while building muscle. For instance, you may perform squats at one station, followed by biceps curls at another, sit-ups at station #3, jump rope at station #4, and TRX rows at station #5. By integrating this combination of exercises, we create a dynamic workout that not only builds muscle but also ensures a sustained elevated heart rate for optimal calorie burning.

To conclude each session, we incorporate a finisher designed to push your limits and maximize calorie burn. This final phase typically involves High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), where we aim to elevate your heart rate to its peak. By achieving this high-intensity state, known as the "Afterburn" effect, your body continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate for 8-12 hours post-workout. This means you'll experience a sustained calorie burn even after your session ends, leading to greater fat loss results.


Searching for an exercise routine that keeps you motivated and avoids monotony? At Game Changing Performance in Mundelein, IL, we understand the importance of variety while maintaining consistency for optimal results in your weight loss journey.

To combat the boredom that often accompanies exercise routines, we have designed our workouts in 4-week phases. This approach allows you to become familiar with a program, make progress over the course of 4 weeks, and experience substantial improvements. Just when you start feeling bored or hit a plateau, we introduce a new phase, keeping your workouts fresh and exciting.

While variety is important, constantly changing exercises can hinder progress. At Game Changing Performance, we strike a balance. We implement a spectrum of fitness designs and programming concepts that focus on accelerated fat loss and muscle definition. Our goal is to create a program that delivers results efficiently and effectively.

During each phase, specific days of the week maintain consistency for 4 consecutive weeks. For example, Mondays follow a set program designed to either increase weight lifted or vary the number of reps and duration over the weeks. Tuesdays also have their own distinct program design. This structure provides both consistency and progressive challenges throughout the month.

Each day of the week targets different aspects of fitness. Monday may focus on true strength training, while Tuesday emphasizes strength endurance. This strategic variation ensures that no two days within a single week follow the same program. However, these designated days remain consistent for a 4-week period, adding an additional level of variation that sets our program apart.

Throughout the year, we incorporate various workout styles such as true strength training, strength endurance, hypertrophy, single-side focus, upper-lower body splits, chaos, and much more. By incorporating these diverse training methods, we keep your body constantly challenged, promoting continuous progress and avoiding plateaus.

Boring workouts are no more, Game Changing Performances program in Mundelein IL is fun for all

FACTORS that set us apart from the rest in group fitness training

Track workouts to achieve strength training gains in Mundelein IL
  • Workout tracking so you can see your improvement

  • Heart rate monitoring to push yourself to achieve amazing fitness results

  • Modifications to fit all fitness levels

  • Progress overload programming to make sure you are getting stronger

  • coach led workouts so your always supported

  • programming focused on fat loss and creating muscle definition

Heart rate focused workouts in Mundelein IL at Game Changing Performance


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